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Richard Saunders is a character mentioned throughout Series 3, 4 and 5 as being an old school friend of Rudy and Rudy Two.

Despite numerous mentions, Saunders only appeared once, in Series 4 Episode 6, during which Saunders holds a house party that is attended by The Misfits Gang. It was at this party that the gang were hunted by a mutant, and also where the gang met Abbey for the first time, who would go on to become a member of the gang.


During the opening scenes of Series 3 (Series 3 Episode 1), as Rudy and Rudy Two argue, Rudy Two taunts the other by saying that he might be gay as he used to watch Richard Saunders soaping his balls in the shower during a PE lesson and got turned on. Rudy later mentioned that Richard Saunders films himself crapping out of trees.(Series 3 Episode 5)

Saunders has a reputation for being an excessive drug user, and he's first seen taking acid before his house party whilst flicking through channels on the television. The resulting trip becomes a reality thanks to his power, manifesting a 6-foot suited, killer rabbit. The white rabbit kills numerous party goers before being killed by Abby. Saunders is last seen the next morning, on a drugs come down sat on the stairs, and during which the Misfits Gang berate him.


  • "He's coming for us, he's out there! The white rabbit's coming!"


On December, 16, 2011, Richard Saunders' Twitter account was unveiled by him asking a question in the Rudy v Simon film knowledge battle.