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Ruth (born 1927) was an 82 year old woman who reverted to her younger self when she gained the power of age regression after the Storm. However, the power's effect only lasted for a week before she was returned to her true age and shortly died of old age.

Biography []

As a young woman, Ruth volunteered at the Community Centre during the time the elderly folk were present. While on this community service, Nathan Young introduced himself to Ruth after he became stunned at her beauty. 

150px-Misfits ruth young

Ruth at the Community Centre when he first sees her

Ruth later met Nathan after hours when he was living at the Community Centre (after being kicked out of his home by his mother). Nathan then showed Ruth a good time by mischievously using the Community Centre's provisions for their own enjoyment. While almost sharing an intimate moment, Nathan was then led away by presence of his mother's boyfriend scurrying around rabidly because of his power, using Ruth's phone to capture the event.

After Nathan confronts the issue with his mother and gets kicked out for acting insenitively, he goes to Ruth's apartment. Ruth tells Nathan that he should be more considerate towards his mother before pouring him a glass of sherry. Ruth tells Nathan that if he stayed with her the other night that she would've had sex with him. The two then proceed to do so which ends when Ruth spontaneously and briefly reverts to her true age during climax. Ruth tells a disgusted Nathan about her power and that it's wearing off but he nonetheless rejects her.

240px-Misfits ruth old

As approaches Nathan as in her real age

At the Community Centre, while the others danced with the elderly people, Nathan sits down still wigged about the previous night. Ruth walks over to him, an old woman with her walker, but he quickly runs away when he realizes it's her. Although he later attempts to apologize, he finds that she has died in her sleep at her home. 

Nathan flicks through her assorted photo album, and comments on how she dressed like a "tart" when she was younger. He is nonetheless upset at how he didn't get a chance to apologize or make amends, and he ruffles Ruth's hair as a sign of farewell.



  • Ruth's power stems from her desire to be young again.