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Sarah is a woman who comes to Alex to remove her power of Hypnotic Breasts as it has caused her relationship with men and her father to become impossible as they are fixated on her breasts. She is said to attend the Power Support Group and is invited to Abby and Rudy Two's birthday / anniversary party by members of the support group and Alex, who tries to set up a date with her but she rebuffs him.

At the party she begins to warm to Alex after he apologises. They continue talking and dancing and they end up sleeping with each other again but due to his reversed power she gained all the powers he had taken from people before including her old ability of Hypnotic Breasts. The combination of her original ability and Satanic Coversion meant any man that looked at her was unable to flee before she converted them, this happened to Rudy and Finn. When Abby and Mark would not look at her and covered their ears Sarah used her power of Object Inversion to kill Mark and shock Abby into listening to her therefore converting her.

Sarah comes face to face with Alex in the locker room, he begins to tell her about Emma, saying he knew a girl who didn't deserve her power which caused accidents to herself where ever she went, he then throws a banana skin at her feet. She laughs and asks him whether he thinks that'll stop her, she kicks it out of the way and takes a step toward him. The light above her then crashes down knocking her backward, she slips on the banana skin and cracks her head on the wall and dies causing all those under her power to be freed.