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Satanic Conversion was the power to be possessed by the Devil and convert individuals to Satanism, transforming them into Agents of Satan. As a side-effect this power was transferrable, with the owner able to transfer it to anyone else. When the owner became angered or particularly demonic, their eyes would glow red. The conversion often involved placing the victim in a pentagram surrounded by candles, sacrificing a chicken and chanting a Satanic incantation in Latin. However, at the bare minimum the incantation was all that was needed.


  • Keith presumably got this power in the Storm, or may have had it transferred to him by someone else. As a Scout Leader, he used this power to convert his scouts into Agents of Satan. Before his death, he transferred the power to Finn.
  • Finn used this power to convert Abby, Rudy, Rudy Two and Jess.
  • Sarah was bestowed this power by Alex due to drugs. She used it to convert Jess, Rudy and Finn. The power died with her.

Similar Powers[]

  • Suggestion - the power to induce a change in an individual's behavior via verbal speech.
  • Personality Rewrite - the power to have a complete change in personality. Typically the personality of a fictional character.


  • This is the only known power that can transfer from one person to another on its own. Also, Alongside Berserker Rage, Personality Rewrite and Video Game Hallucinations, they're the only known powers to be able to take control of the user.
  • It's possible that Keith or the Original Owner of the power was a Satanist and the storm made their belief manifest itself in the form of this power.