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11 November 2010 - 19 December 2010

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Series 2 of Misfits originally aired on E4 from 11 November - 19 December 2010. It was released on DVD and Blu-ray on 27 December 2010, including all seven episodes.

Channel 4's head of drama Camilla Campbell confirmed, after the last episode of Series 1 was shown on 17 December 2009, that a second series has been commissioned for 2010. The events of Series 2 commence immediately after the end of Series 1.

It was also confirmed that filming took place in May 2010 by the cast themselves on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.


A freak storm left our posse of social outcasts with super powers; Curtis can turn back time, Kelly can read minds, Simon can turn invisible and Alisha can send people into a sexual frenzy with just one touch. Then there's their two dead probation workers (one is buried under the local environmental monitoring station; the other stored in a freezer in the community centre). And finally, unbeknownst to the others, Nathan is trapped six feet under in a coffin, immortal and very much alive.

But it's not just the ASBO Five who were affected by the storm. With the super-charged local townsfolk going the way of Gotham City, this series sees our gang faced with a whole new world of weird and wild characters. And who is the masked, hooded stranger who seems to be watching their every move?


Main Cast[]

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Episode List[]

# Title Featured Character(s) Original airdate Notes
1 "Episode One" Simon 11 November 2010 Introduction of Shaun.
2 "Episode Two" Nathan 18 November 2010 Introduction of Nikki.
3 "Episode Three" Alisha 25 November 2010 Superhoodie's identity is revealed.
4 "Episode Four" Curtis 2 December 2010 Superhoodie dies.
5 "Episode Five Kelly 9 December 2010
6 "Episode Six" Everyone 16 December 2010
7 "Episode Seven" Everyone 19 December 2010 Introduction of Seth, final regular appearance of Nathan, Nikki dies, the gang gives up their powers and gets new ones.

DVD Special Features[]

  • The Making of Misfits
  • Shooting Misfits
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Online Films


  • On 9 December, 2011, Misfits creator Howard Overman talked about an abandoned story idea in an interview with GQ Magazine:

"What was the best idea that never made it on screen?"

"There was one Misfits script which I wrote that was set in an alternative reality where [the cast] were all the opposites of their characters: Simon was a real ladies' man and Nathan had taken his place as a real geek. It didn't work because people tune in to see recognizable characters and I think they know who they want to see. So we ditched it."

  • This is the only series with an odd number of episodes.

External Links[]

  • [1] GQ Magazine: Misfits' Howard Overman talks TV, 9 Dec, 2011