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Series 3
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30 October 2011 - 18 December 2011
"Powering up."

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Series 3 of Misfits originally aired on E4 from 30 October - 18 December 2011. It was released on DVD and Blu-ray on 26 December 2011, including all eight episodes and the two online mini-episodes, Vegas Baby! and Erazer.


Resident delinquents - Simon, Kelly, Alisha and Curtis - are joined on community service by new kid on the block Rudy. Rudy gets a rude awakening on his first few days as he learns that with the keys to the infamous locker room comes a great deal of running and screaming and, in some instances, killing.

The gang are back with all-new superpowers. So how did the trade-off with Seth, the superpower dealer, go down? Do any of them have a superpower that's even halfway useful?

With Seth still trading powers, Simon in training to become Superhoodie and zombie-cheerleaders on the loose, things haven't got any quieter for our gang...



Series 3's main cast.

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Episode List

# Title Featured Character(s) Original airdate Notes
0 "Vegas Baby!" Nathan 15 September 2011 Final appearance of Nathan, introduction of Rudy.
1 "Episode One" Rudy

30 October 2011

The gang's new powers are revealed.
2 "Episode Two"


6 November 2011
3 "Episode Three" Simon
13 November 2011
4 "Episode Four" Kelly 20 November 2011
5 "Episode Five" Everyone 27 November 2011 Shaun dies.
6 "Episode Six" Rudy 4 December 2011 Curtis sells his power and gets a new one.
/ "Erazer" - 4 December 2011 Mini-episode.
7 "Episode Seven" Seth 11 December 2011

"Episode Eight"

Simon 18 December 2011 Reappearance of Sally, Tony and Rachel, Alisha dies, Simon becomes Superhoodie and leaves, final appearance of Kelly.

DVD Special Features

  • Vegas Baby short film
  • Erazer short film
  • Behind the Scenes
  • On set with Misfits
  • Stunts and Special Effects featurette
  • Visual Effects featurette


  • Rudy's other half and Seth could be counted as members 6 and 7 in the Misfits gang
  • Despite Rudy being integrated into the opening sequence, the effects that accompany each character to represent their respective power remain from the previous series, not reflecting their current powers gained from the Christmas Special.
  • If counting Vegas Baby! and Erazer, then this series has the most episodes of any other.