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Seth employs an unnamed bodyguard with super strength to protect him from unruly customers, especially when the Misfits try to threaten Seth into giving them back their powers. Despite his small size and slight posture, the bodyguard could throw Nathan into a wall hard enough that he may have broken his ribs, and easily force the Misfits to leave the building. It is unknown whether he received his power directly from the storm, or was given it by Seth.

Seth's bodyguard is not seen again in series three, and it is unknown what happens to him when Seth quits dealing and stops his job.


  • If this bodyguard got his power from the storm, it possibly reflects a desire to be stronger than he actually was or maybe being a boxer or martial artist of some sort.
  • He may have been a customer testing out his new power. Also, he may have sold a power prior to the confrontation. 
  • Given Seth's cool, business like demeanor the bodyguard may have been given permission to test his might. The theory stands stronger if this character had a premonition prior to the arrival of the gang.