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Sexual Partner Count is the power to be able to see how many people an individual has had sexual intercourse with. Upon activating the power, anyone caught near its vicinity will have the number of sexual partners they have slept with 'burnt' onto their forehead. There is no way to get rid of the number other than waiting for it to fade. If someone has intercourse whilst a number is on their forehead, it will increase by however many partners they have slept with in that time.



Craig uses this power on his girlfriend to see if she is lying when she says she has slept with 4 other men. Using this power it is seen that she has in fact slept with 11. While this power is being used Alex, Jess, Finn and Rudy walk past and are branded with numbers on their own forehead. It is revealed that Finn has slept with 1 other woman (but bumps this up to 2 by the end of the night), Alex with 46, Rudy with 99, and Jess has slept with 2 men previously.


  • This power possibly reflects the significance Craig places on how many sexual partners a person has had.
  • Due to the fact that Finn's number is only 1 despite having received fellatio from Lisa, it can concluded that this power does not count oral sex.