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Shannon Speers was Seth's ex-girlfriend, who died of a drug overdose from drugs which she got off Seth


Early life[]

Very little is known about Shannon's past. She became romantically involved with Seth, who at the time made a living by selling drugs. It was because of this that Seth gave Shannon some drugs, causing her to overdose and die.


A picture of Shannon and Seth, before her death. (S03E01)

Back from the dead[]

Seth continued to visit Shannon's grave, as witnessed by Kelly and Alisha. One afternoon, Seth received a call about a man who has the power to resurrect the dead. He took this power and passed it on to Curtis as part of a deal, and asked him to bring Shannon back to life. Late one night, the two dug up her coffin and Curtis fulfilled his part of the deal, restoring Shannon's decomposed corpse and bringing her back to life.

Shannon was initially sullen after being brought back to life, and was taken back to Seth's flat. However, unknown to Seth, Shannon began developing a craving for blood. In order to curb her instincts to bite Seth, Shannon instead killed his pet iguana. However, this only became a short-term solution, as she discovered her cravings became more intense.

After the Misfits gang discovered that she was a zombie, Seth tried to protect Shannon by preventing her from leaving the flat. However, when Seth's next-door neighbour, Jack, knocked on the door, Shannon was unable to control herself and bit him on the arm. Soon after he reawakened, the Misfits gang arrived with the intention of killing her. Shannon and Seth decided to hide out in Jack's flat with him. When Jack tried to bite Seth, Shannon bludgeoned him over the head with an iron and was forced to reveal to Seth that she was, in fact, a zombie.

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Shannon decides to take care of Kelly. (S03E07)

Seth realised that Shannon has to be killed, but was unable to bring himself to kill her a second time. Shannon discovered that Seth had been dating Kelly while she was dead, and assumed that he planned on getting back together with her. To prevent this from happening, Shannon confronted Kelly at the community centre and tried to attack her. However, Seth arrived to save Kelly and hit Shannon in the head with a shovel. Shannon was later buried in the woods, presumably along with the others who had become zombies.


  • Shannon is the third episode-specific "villain" to not have any powers, after Sally and Mark.
    • Elliot initially had no powers, but went on to purchase multiple ones from Seth.
    • Shaun also did not have powers, but only became a villain in an alternate timeline.
  • Shannon is the first villain to have been brought back to life in some way.
  • For reasons unknown, Shannon is not buried back in her original grave after Seth kills her.