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Shapeshifting is the power to alter one's own appearance.


  • Lucy is the only character to have displayed this ability.


Lucy uses this ability to appear as other people, including Alisha, NathanKelly and Simon. When trying to hide and escape from the Misfits she turns into a mouse. Lucy shows that when she uses her ability, her sclera and pupil go black, the lights distort causing them to flicker on and off and it causes her massive amounts of pain. Lucy's shows that when she shapeshifts, her skin is very malleable.


  • This power reflect Lucy's envy of other people.
  • Curtis is the only member of the gang that Lucy does not impersonate.

Similar Powers[]

  • Gender Swap - The ability to change into the opposite gender of oneself.
  • Age Regression - The ability to make the user become younger.