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Simon's photo
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Simon's photo was a picture of him and Alisha in Las Vegas from the future, owned by Superhoodie. The photo remains in Simon's apartment.

It was taken in the time between Series 2 and Series 3, during a trip to Vegas. It was revealed that Nathan, Marnie and Nathan Jr came on the trip with them too, but Nathan decided to stay behind and use his new power to cheat money out of the casinos. (Vegas Baby!)

Simon revealed on Twitter that the photo was taken by a 63 year old waitress named Gladys who was on rollerskates and had the same hair as Elvis.


  • Many fans believe that the photo was never taken and that this is a continuity error, as the origin of the photo is never properly explained in the show. Simon and Alisha went to Vegas with Nathan, Marnie and Nathan Jr inbetween Series 2 and 3 and tweeted about their time there and who took the photo, and Simon briefly mentions that Nathan decided to stay behind in Vegas at the beginning of Episode 1 (Series 3).
  • After the events of Vegas Baby there would have been two paradoxed versions of this photo. The one Superhoodie took with him when he went into the past and the version were it is canonically correct in its timeline. The second photo would then loop into the first version brought back by Superhoodie.