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Suggestion or Persuasion is the power to take hold of a person's thought process and make them serve his own goals with nothing but his words.


  • Rachel is the only character to have displayed this ability.


Rachel  uses this ability in episode six in order to influence others to change and become good people. She pronounces and always used the phrase: "You don't need to behave like this; you can be so much better," to which people are to obey what she says. She uses her ability so that the people would join her 'Virtue' organisation, to try and create perfect youths. However, her power did not work when Nathan was listening to music as he could not hear her. Eventually, her influence on the youths was undone when she died due to Nathan's intervention.

It's unclear to what the extent of her power was, whether she could only refine others people's behavior based on her rigid standards. 

300px-Profile rachel2

Rachel initiating her power

Similar Powers[]

  • Mind Control - The power to influence the behavior of others.
  • Satanic Conversion - The power to be possessed by the Devil and to be able to transform others into Agents of Satan.