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She is pregnant with her son, Jake

Tara was a young woman who had the power of Pregnancy Transfer. She attended sessions for young mothers at the Community Centre, feeling upset and not adequate to have her baby. She was later found by Abby in the toilets, crying about her situation, saying she was not ready to become a mother. After Abby egged her on, she accidently used her power, giving Abby her unborn baby. She then fled the Community Centre.

After The Misfits Gang find her address, they go to her flat and she answers the door as Abby leaves, leaving them speechless. She closes the door on them.

Later in the episode, she waits for Abby, pleading for her to give back her baby. After Abby coldly ignores her, she tells Abby the name she wishes to give him, "Jake". After Abby makes her promise to raise her baby well, she then uses her power and recieves her unborn baby again, leaving the Community Centre.

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