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"I'm a fuckin' rocket scientist"
— Kelly Bailey

Technological Aptitude is the ability to possess a high intellect in electronics and technology.


  • Kelly is the only character to have displayed this ability, though it's known that this power used to belong to someone else, since she bought it from Seth.


This ability can be used to understand technology on an advanced level. When Kelly first received the power, she thought it would make very highly intelligent, but found that the extent of this power only allowed her to build rockets. Despite this, Kelly appears to have intricate knowledge of this field (based on her usage of the power, she seems to have knowledge in mechanical engineering, electronics and physics). The instances where Kelly used her power include:

  • Kelly created rocket designs. She designed blueprints for an intercontinental ballistics missile with a liquid nitrogen propulsion system. (S3E1)
  • Kelly fixed fix Seth's car after having a brief look under the bonnet. (S3E2)
  • Kelly disabled a security alarm in Peter's flat after it had been struck several times by a crowbar which made it worse. (S3E3)
  • During the gang's visit to Erazer's World, Kelly displayed knowledge of quantum physics and alternate realities, which she had as a result of her power. (Erazer)
  • Seth recalled their trip to Uganda, during which Kelly saw a child step on a landmine and she used her power to disable it. She decided to stay in Uganda and use her power to continue to disable the landmines. (S4E1)