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| name=    The name most commonly used by others to refer to the character; full name where possible.
| image=
| actor=    The name of the actor or actress portratying the character, with a link to their page. If multiple actors have played the character then Actor name ([[1.2]]-[[1.5]]), second actor name ([[3.4]])
| first seen= the episode the character was introduced.
| last seen= the episode the character left the show.
| appeared in= if the character appeared in just one episode, fill this one in.
| centric episode= an episode focuses on the character.
| shared centric= an episode focuses on the character and some other ones as well.
| born=    Birthdate of character, if known.
| alias=    Aliases, where applicable (eg. Le Grande Fromage).
| power=   If the character has only had one set of powers, list them here. If they have changed, leave it blank and use the options below.
| original=    Original power(s), if the character's power has changed. Otherwise leave blank and use 'power' above.
| current=    Current power, if it's changed.
| occupation=    Current (as of the latest episode) occupation where known.
| lovers=    Links to character bios of the various lovers they've had during the course of the series.
| family=    Links to any family that have been featured in the show
| status=    Dead or alive? If dead, add details of death in brackets (eg. fell to death)
| appearances=   List of episodes they've featured in, with links. If they're series regulars then: Season one (all episodes), Season two (all episodes) etc.
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