The Misfits Gang Versions 1 & 2

The original gang (Curtis, Nathan, Kelly, Alisha & Simon)
The current gang (Rudy, Jess, Finn, Abbey & Alex)

The Misfits Gang, also known as the 'ASBO Five', are the main group of characters featured throughout the series in every episode. There are usually five members in the gang (hence the name 'ASBO Five'), but other members have joined them for an episode or two in the past, such as Ollie. More recently, in Series 4, there have been only four members in the gang, with Alex in place of a fifth member. The gang are all stuck in the community service programme, except for one single episode.


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  • Rudy Two (Series 3 - Series 5) - Rudy's other pessimistic self when he's using his power. Becomes more prominent in Series 5 as he organizes the Power Support Group and ultimately the Jumper Posse.
  • Seth (Series 2 - Series 4) - A Power dealer who later became Kelly's boyfriend. Moved to Uganda with Kelly.
  • Nikki (Series 2) - A young girl with the power of Teleportation (Gained through a heart transplant) who became Curtis's girlfriend. She died after getting shot by a mugger in a bar.
  • Marnie (Series 2) - A pregnant girl who fell in love with Nathan. They fly off to Las Vegas together with her son, Nathan Jr, but she is left alone with her son when Nathan is arrested and jailed following his attempt to cheat the casino using his new power of Magic.
  • A group of "real superheroes" named the Jumper Posse are initially allies of the Misfits Gang in Series 5 and enter community service as alter egos, although they become villains.
  • Ollie (Series 2) - An eco-friendly protester briefly put on community service. He had the power of Teleportation, which was adopted by Nikki after his death.

Trivia Edit

  • It is debatable whether or not a character can be considered a member of the gang depending on if they are not in the community service program, such as Nikki, Seth and during Series 4, Alex.
  • Episode 7 (Series 2) is the last episode to feature the original five Misfits together (Nathan, Simon, Kelly, Curtis and Alisha), however, they are briefly seen together one more time in Episode 8 (Series 3) when Simon travels back in time to fulfil his destiny as Superhoodie.
  • Out of the original five Misfits, Nathan and Kelly are the only two still alive.
  • Only 8 out of 10 Misfits have gained their powers directly through the Storm. The other two, Abbey and Alex, are the result of a power and gained one through organ transplant respectively.
  • Every member of gang has killed at least one person or "being".


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