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The Warehouse is a location that has been featured on Misfits twice so far and is located on the fictional Tipton Street. It is a key location as it is where Super Hoodie will die in the past.

Tim and Super Hoodie's Death[]

In Episode 4 (Series 2), Tim kidnaps Kelly and holds her hostage in the warehouse, and will only let her go if Conti (Simon) will give him £100,000. After Simon and the gang do this, Tim is then told that someone in the organization is an undercover cop. He then hangs all of the Misfits from meat hooks and goes to get a chainsaw so he can threaten them into revealing who is the undercover cop.

Meanwhile, angry at Curtis for not showing up for their date, Nikki teleports into the warehouse, but however, is forced to be hung from the meat hooks with the rest of the gang before she can help them. Tim then lowers Alisha and begins to question her, but before he can, Curtis distracts him and kicks him in the face, allowing Alisha to run away. Tim quickly runs after her, chases her into a room with large circular holes in the ceiling and corners her with a pistol. On the roof, Super Hoodie is waiting for the right moment to jump down and take the bullet for Alisha, and does so successfully. Super Hoodie shows Tim that he is Simon and tells him that he is the undercover cop; Tim recognizes Simon as Conti then leaves the warehouse as he is told to bust Crazy Larry out of prison.

Simon tells Alisha that everything will be alright and that if he doesn't die now she will never fall in love with him. He then tells her to burn his body and never tell anyone who he really is. She does as he says, then leaves the warehouse.

Alisha's Kidnapping and Peter's Death[]

In Episode 3 (Series 3), Peter kidnaps Alisha and tells Simon to come to the warehouse if he wants to see her again. Simon arrives in his Super Hoodie outfit, and jumps through the ceiling just like he did when taking the bullet for Alisha. Before he can help her, Peter (in his own Super Hoodie costume) attacks him with a knife, and they battle until Peter is stabbed. Simon unties Alisha, and then goes over to Peter.

Peter tells him that a superhero has to be prepared to die for what they believe in, and then dies himself. Alisha tells Simon that seeing Peter die like this reminds her of when he died because of Tim. She then tells him to burn Peter's body, as well as his Super Hoodie outfit. He does so, but because of Peter's influence, he does not burn the suit.


  • Simon burning Peter's body with his Super Hoodie outfit on mirrors when Aisha does the same to him in the past.