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The "Virtue" logo.

"Virtue" was a cult-like organisation based in the Community Centre, ran by Rachel Leyton, who established it to teach young offenders about the errors of their lifestyles.

Establishment and activities[]

It is unknown when exactly the organisation was established, but it can be only assumed that it was established a short time after The Storm and after Rachel found out about her power. Using her power, Rachel began to brainwash more and more young offenders by saying "You don't need to behave like this; you can be so much better". Everyone she's brainwashed blindly followed her and her beliefs. When she was asked by a reporter what she's trying to achieve with "Virtue", Rachel replied: "We're trying to encourage self-respect, responsible behaviour, respect for the law. What's so wrong with being good?"  

The organisation set itself at the Community Centre. Each member wore plain, conservative cardigans and would engage in activities such as publically testifying about their old life, setting fire to vibrators and making a petition to prevent contraceptives from being given out in schools.


Nathan, Kelly and Simon noticed something's wrong with this group after Curtis and Alisha joined them and went through drastic personality changes. They tried to rescue them, but Kelly was captured by Rachel. After Simon escaped, Nathan was the only one with the power to save the day. He pretended to join the organisation, only to kidnap Rachel and make her undo her brainwash. She said she doesn't know how, but Nathan took her to the community centre's roof. After giving a touching speech about being young, Nathan, along with Rachel, accidentally fell off the roof, killing them both and cancelling Rachel's influence.

When Rachel's spirit returned after a fraud medium with a power performed a seance in the community centre, Rachel admitted that she got a bit carried away with the brainwashing and apologized to everyone.

Known Members[]