The White Rabbit
Misfits episode 0406
Portrayed by
Jack Donnelly
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Also known as
The Killer Rabbit
Was created by Richard's Hallucination Projection power.

The White Rabbit was physical manifestation of Richard Saunders's drug-fuelled hallucination. Richard watched television as he dropped acid, and the images from golf coverage, a hitman film and a documentary on rabbit vivisection apparently merged in his mind to create the image of a 6-foot tall, suited rabbit, brandishing a golf club.

The rabbit stalked the hallways outside Richard's house party, murdered a girl as she waited for the lift, attacked Rudy, and kidnapped Jess.

Rudy, Finn, Alex and Abby follow the rabbit to the basement, where it attacks the men; just as he is about to kill Alex, Abby stabs him in the back with a screwdriver, killing him.


  • As the White Rabbit walked around, electric currents began to malfunction. It is debatable why this happens, though it is most likely due to the electrical impulses in Richard's brain, which are causing this Rabbit in the first place.
  • It's a homage to "Alice in Wonderland"
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