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X-ray Vision is the ability to see through solid objects, allowing the user to witness activity that would otherwise be hidden. Jess gained this power in the Storm


Jess could use activate this power consciously. When she did, her irises would turn a bright blue as she glanced on the subject. A circular area would form on the surface of the visual barrier, creating a "window" for Jess and allowing her to clearly see what's behind. Jess has only demonstrated using this power to see through solid objects of no particularly large thickness. It's unknown what limits (if any) her power has, however, considering she had to enter Dark Geoff's apartment in order to investigate it suggests that her power was not sufficient enough to view the entire contents of the building. The instances where Jess used her power include.

  • Used on a wall to see Rudy talking to someone locked in the freezer at the Community Centre. (S4E1)
  • Used on some sound equipment to see Psycho Rudy violently beating up a DJ in the main hall of the Community Centre. (S4E3)
  • Used on a door in the church on the estate. Jess, Rudy, Finn and Abby break inside and hear a sound, so Jess uses her power to check what it is. She sees a nun walking towards them from behind the door, so they run into another section of the church to hide. She then uses her power a second time on a bigger set of doors to check that the nun has gone. (S4E8)
  • Used on the boot of Geoff's car. Jess goes to Rudy's parent's home to try and find Rudy, but no one answers the door. As she is about to leave, she hears a banging sound coming from the boot of the car, and with her power can see that Geoff has been tied up and locked inside. (S5E2)



  • Jess' power reflects her way of seeing through others' lies, having a lack of trust and believing others to be shallow.