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Zoanthropy is the ability to think like a non-human animal.


  • Jeremy is the only character to have displayed this ability when he thinks he's a dog.


When Jeremy is hit by the storm, it is revealed that at nightfall he roams the streets naked, believing that he is a dog. Jeremy was first discovered by the Misfits group at one morning, naked in Episode Two. Some nights later, Nathan finds Jeremy in the streets and tries to chase him down. Jeremy jumps on him, similar to how a dog would and licks his face.


  • Zoanthropy is both a medical term and a superpower - albeit not a very good one. In both cases it involves the person remaining physically human while mentally transforming into a non-human animal. In the case of Jeremy it was the jack russell terrier he had as a child, and was triggered whenever he remembered the little dog. Thankfully he wasn't a danger to anyone; in the worst case scenario he jumped on people and licked their faces.
  • This power was developed by the past memory of Jeremy's former dog.